3stars&risingsun represents the couple- Dennis and Nobue. Transcending boundaries of culture, philosophies and ideas, the couple shared a common love for music, photography and videography. In this essence, they believed that these various forms of media are not only tools to showcase the beauty, simplicity and intricacy of life but also are ways to break the walls of adversities, ignorance and segregation.

That every great image and video are products of capturing the "moments" and are all together blended with the artists' imagination and creativity. That every product tells a story- one that is personal, unique and meaningful. It is the marriage of all these concepts, that 3stars&risingsun was born.

Few years since 3srs was conceived, the dynamics of the team evolved. Much alike our ever changing society, 3stars&risingsun's mission and vision remolded itself. 3srs has become a visual canvas for various artists- from photographers to videographers, from musicians to designers, from athletes and to just about anyone who has a zest for arts, humanities and life. It became a platform for artists to showcase themselves. 3stars&risingsun is now a team of ordinary individuals with extraordinary gusto and itch to create, re-create and realize something beautiful. Sticking true to its roots, 3stars&risingsun believes that each person's passion and drive, may it be the mundane or the extraordinary, is a story worth telling...

...and certainly, worth sharing.

Keep calm...& smile away :D.

~ 3srs